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At Leading Edge Companies, we understand the enormous strain put on internal resources and the investment required to manage properties from the pre-foreclosure stage through conveyance.

Our Inspection Services quickly and accurately provide clients an assessment of the property’s occupancy status and threats to value noted both inside and outside of the property. We offer a wide range of inspection services tailored to fit your needs.

We manage your commercial and residential properties so you can maintain an income stream while determining to sell or keep the property as an investment.

Property Preservation is the basic foundation of our product portfolio. Our initial focus is to evaluate the situation and begin the process of minimizing our clients loss and exposure by securing your asset. 

Leading Edge Companies recognizes it is vitally important to begin the process of asset resolution as soon as possible to restore the property to a marketable condition. We offer an integrated approach to this phase of asset resolution.

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Leading Edge Companies

REO Services

  • Debris Removal

  • Janitorial Services

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Securing Services

  • Winterization

  • Eviction Services

  • Code Violation Abatement

  • Repair / Rehab Services

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