Who We Are

We Have More Than 25+ Years Of Managing Assets

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Leading Edge Companies provides residential and commercial REO field services, asset management services, repair / rehab services and property management services to banks, mortgage companies, and servicers as well as property owners and investors. We have the industry knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in every stage of asset resolution from pre-foreclosure to sale through our nationwide footprint. Long term relationships built through trust and integrity are the core to a successful business.


Trust & Integrity

Our Mission

Our mission at Leading Edge Companies is to maintain the utmost integrity of every property and to provide our clients with industry leading customer service, innovative solutions and a cost effective approach in property preservation and mortgage field services through a diverse portfolio of products aimed at achieving complete asset resolution.

Our management team ensures that every property is inspected and documented each time work is completed. We supply electronic updates and digital photos at the completion of every phase. The added value of Leading Edge Companies’ quality control will maximize the return on your valuable asset.

Our Mortgage Asset Management web based application ensures that all information input into the system is both accurate and complete before the final product is delivered to the client. All information on each property that is input by one of our field service professionals is checked for accuracy and quality with our additional in house quality control systems.

All information is transmitted back to our clients, our highly experienced team of professionals reviews all of the data, billed amounts, and the supporting documentation provided. This level of active participation coupled with our integrated Mortgage Asset Management (MAM) and frequent communication affirms that the quality of information and the product that we deliver is best in class.