Products & Services

We offer an extensive product portfolio and provides a variety of services.

We provide nationwide REO field services, asset management services, and property management services to banks, mortgage companies, and servicers as well as property owners and investors. We have the industry knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in every stage of asset resolution from pre-foreclosure to sale through our nationwide footprint.

Preparing a home for the harsh conditions of winter. It is usually performed in the fall before snow and excessive cold have arrived. Winterization protects against damage due to bursting water pipes, and from heat loss due to openings in the building envelope.


If a property is found vacant, we will secure the property to include: changing locks on exterior doors, installing lock box (coded per client requirements), boarding windows or doors as needed, securing entrance gates to property, posting emergency contact notice, securing pool if applicable, and providing photos of completed work.


Removal of all debris from the interior and exterior of the property, hazardous material, any outside items that detract from curb appeal (Christmas lights, dog houses, etc.), and vehicles are towed.


Initial lawn service is completed to the highest standards, providing curb appeal and pride of ownership. Initial lawn service includes mowing the front, sides, and back yard of the property, weed eating, shrub trimming, edging, weeding flower beds, and removal of clippings.


In the winter, removing snow accumulation is important to provide safe access to properties by maintenance crews, city inspectors, first responders, real estate agents and others who have legitimate business at a property.


We service the interior of the property into move-in-ready condition. Our thorough interior janitorial service includes: vacuum carpets, wet mop vinyl and tile floors, clean all sinks, cabinets, counter-tops, commodes, bathtubs and showers. In addition, all appliances are emptied and cleaned and air fresheners are placed on sinktops.


Property Preservation

Property Preservation is the basic foundation of our product portfolio. Our initial focus is to evaluate the situation and begin the process of minimizing our clients loss and exposure by securing your asset. Standard services listed below can be priced on a fixed-fee basis for ease and savings during the initial preservation.


Pre-Foreclosure and REO Services

Leading Edge Companies recognizes it is vitally important to begin the process of asset resolution as soon as possible to restore the property to a marketable condition. We also offer an integrated fixed-fee approach to this phase of asset resolution. Leading Edge Companies’ personal and “hands on” approach to asset resolution allows you to recover the maximum value possible, limit your risk of loss or abatement, shorten the cycle from foreclosure to sale and limit internal administrative costs. 

  • Debris Removal

  • Janitorial Services

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Securing Services

  • Winterization

  • Eviction Services

  • Code Violation Abatement

  • Repair / Rehab Services

Asset Management

We offer ALL services listed in our REO Services, PLUS a single point of contact for your asset resolution staff. Leading Edge Companies will arrange for your property to be listed with a real estate broker, assist the buyer in obtaining financing and place the order for all needed title services including arranging the closing.

An initial exterior inspection for occupancy and general condition of the exterior of the property. Photos and recommendations included.


A recurring monthly inspection of the property to ensure there are no visible or obvious threats to the property’s future value. This consists of a walk-through and a reconfirmation of property’s previous condition. Any threats or situations of concern will be photographed and reported immediately.


Contact Inspections are generally ordered by the servicer after Notice to Vacate proceedings are initiated. In these cases we will check for occupancy and do an exterior inspection noting any threats or concerns. We will also attempt to contact the occupant and make initial contact with neighbors in an attempt to better evaluate the situation.


On the date of transfer back to the lender, we will meet your representative and begin the process of preserving your assets.

If it is deemed appropriate by the lender or the eventual borrower, Leading Edge Companies will arrange for and oversee the process of a full Home Inspection Report completed by a licensed real estate home inspector in the area.


Inspection Services

Our Inspection Services quickly and accurately provide clients an assessment of the property’s occupancy status and threats to value noted both inside and outside of the property. We offer a wide range of inspection services performed by employees and licensed home inspectors. These services range from an initial property inspection to assess the situation and identify needs to a full property inspection report conducted by a licensed home inspector.

Property Management

LEC’s Property Management Group can manage your commercial and residential properties in order to maintain your income stream while you determine whether to sell or keep the property as an investment. We provide the highest level of property management services to commercial and residential building owners nationwide. We understand your needs and know how important your building is to you. No matter the situation, we have the property management services you require. Although you could manage your own building, we give you the flexibility and control over how it’s managed and the freedom while knowing that your property is exceptionally well maintained.