Asset Management

At Leading Edge Companies, we understand the enormous strain put on internal resources and the investment required managing properties from the pre-foreclosure stage through conveyance. We have the expertise and professional staffs that will help ease your burden as well as cut costs while allowing your staff to handle multiple properties at once. Our Asset Management Program is designed to take much of this burden off of you by systematically managing this process from beginning to end. We offer ALL services listed in our REO Services, PLUS a single point of contact for your asset resolution staff. Leading Edge Companies will arrange for your property to be listed with one of our real estate brokers, provide marketing updates, and provide any and all recurring services until the property is sold.

  • Recurring lawn maintenance
  • Evictions services arranged with local authorities
  • Carpet cleaning / deodorizing
  • Carpet removal
  • Landscaping and lawn recovery
  • Removal of additional vehicles not limited to automobiles
  • Roof tarping / repairs
  • Recurring pool maintenance
  • Pool repairs
  • Exterminations
  • Appliance replacement or repair
  • Repairs and rehabs
  • Mold remediation
  • Demolitions