Eviction Services

Eviction services must be performed in accordance with the local ordinances, and the sheriff must be present during the eviction. The client will notify the LEC Asset Manager of the time and date to meet the local authorities at the property. These timelines must be met precisely. If an eviction is served, the following activities are required by LEC and the Service Provider:

  • Provide before and after photos.
  • Provide before and after sales clean photos.
  • Provide photos of all personal property that has been moved to the curb.
  • Provide photos of the remaining interior and exterior debris that is not personal property.
  • Provide photos of all crew members present.
  • Take before and after photos of all lock changes and lock box.
  • Provide before and after photos of winterization, lawn maintenance and board ups, if necessary.
  • Provide photos of the front of the property with the address present.
  • If required, move all personal property to a storage facility and submit and inventory of the items placed in storage. Service Provider must supply all packing materials, movers and equipment needed to transfer personals to a storage facility.

Invoices: Invoices will be clear and concise when submitted. LEC shall invoice only after all work is completed. Invoices will not be processed until the completion is verified by the Asset Manager.

  • Invoices will be submitted within 10-15 days of the completion date with a 30-day net.
  • Trip Charge fee will be applicable only when a trip is made to a property that results in no billable services to the client.
  • A RUSH Order fee will be charged when services are requested to be completed within 24-48 hours.